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Enrollment Information

To enroll your student here at D.H. Conley, they must be living in our attendance area. 

Step 1:

To determine your student's attendance area, please visit:

  • Once there, click Accept

  • Then click Address Search on the left

Step 2:

Then please fill out the New Student Enrollment Form &

bring it and the following documentation below to D.H. Conley Student Services:

To  enroll a student, parents should take the following documents to the school:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Immunization Records

  • Court order for guardianship (if student is living with someone other than the parent)

  • Two proofs of residence.  Examples include:  

    •  Notarized rental/purchase agreement

    •  Utility bills (electric, telephone, gas, etc.)

    •  Automobile registration

    •  Car insurance and property insurance policies

    •  Income tax W-2 form and property tax bill


When entering the Pitt County Schools from another district, parents should also take the following information to the school:

  • Name, Telephone Number and Address of previous school attended

  • Report Card or Grade Placement Information

For Questions, please contact Kimberly Zielger at:

252-756-3440 ext 5807 or


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