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Below you will find links and descriptions for several helpful sites and organizations. 

  • KHAN ACADEMY - Free online tutoring - Math Science, History, Business, Test Prep

  • INTEGRATED FAMILY SERVICES - 24/7 - Online & In Person Crisis Counseling assistance for students struggling with a variety of issues

          CHAT ONLINE OR CALL 1-866-437-1821

               No one should go through tough times alone, 

               There is help and hope.

               If you are going through a difficult time, 

              Let's CHAT about it.

  • Whether it's being bullied, you feeling sad, you having thoughts of hurting yourself or thoughts of suicide,

  • A caring person is willing to help, no matter the time of the day.

  •  Simply use your phone to scan the QR code on the CHAT posters around school and                                                   complete a brief registration or visit your counselor's office to get more information about the service.

  • Integrated Family Services' Crisis CHAT line wants to be there for you.


  • Social Media Apps That Can Harm Your Child

  • Boys and Girls Club - After School Care.Activities

                 Contact - Heather Joyner -

  • Bullying Resources - 

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