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Most scholarships will require a teacher or non-family member recommendation

Recommendations for 4 year universities must be done through Major Clarity


  • Please do not ask a teacher to write a recommendation for which you do not meet the minimum requirements.  

    • Teachers are vouching for you meeting AND exceeding these requirements.  If a teacher recommends a student that does not meet the minimum requirements, it reflects poorly on them.  In addition, your candidacy and future candidates will not be taken seriously.  This will hurt you when applying for admission or for a scholarship!
  • Make sure the person recommending you knows you well in either an academic setting or on a personal level. These make the best recommendations.  

    • Teachers will be working to give the college or scholarship committee a perspective on you as a person and student that they can't simply get from a resume or transcript.  

  • DO NOT get recommendations from anyone with whom you do not have a good relationship.  

  • Waive your rights to view recommendations

    • Colleges want you to waive these rights because they feel the person writing your recommendation will be more honest when writing about you. 
  • If the person you are asking for a recommendation doesn't know you very well, give them a resume and or transcript if they need one.  

    • The person writing your recommendation may use these as guides to help them when writing your recommendation. 

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