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Scholarships that come through Conley can be found here on the  

Senior Scholarship Guide

****These scholarships come in all year long at different times. I will update them as they come in and announce them on the Senior BAND GROUP - see the main seniors tab to sign up to get updates

Pitt County Schools Scholarship Guide 


Scholarships can be found on thousands of websites.

Google is a good place to start by typing in certain search criteria like a certain major, state, race, gender, organization, volunteer, gpa, etc. 


You can also search some of these sites as well:



Other Types of Scholarships:


Merit Based Scholarships:

These scholarships will be given automatically according to each particular college typically based on  

GPA & Test Scores

College Specific Scholarships:

Most schools will have general scholarships & scholarships specific to major.

Links can be found on the individual college pages on this site under Seniors & Admissions Info. 

You can also contact individual college admissions or financial aid for more information.

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