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Pitt CC Dual Enrollment

Check back soon for Spring Registration Dates and information

Dual Enrollment Application

Dual Enrollment - UGETC College Course Transfer Courses

Dual Enrollment Agreement Form

Dual Enrollment Grade Reporting Agreement














DH CONLEY REGISTRATION- Spring info coming soon!


Sign up is with Mrs. Evans


Please read below to see what paperwork applies to you and how to look to see what classes are offered next semester at PCC

  • Every student taking PCC classes via CCP must complete paperwork each semester 


  • Returning students only need a completed and signed Agreement Form and transcript


  • New students will need a completed Application, Agreement Form, and transcript


  • Students taking classes onsite in the high schools for the second semester and students enrolled in the PCC Tech Academy will also need to turn in completed paperwork


  • Students who want classes in the transfer pathways must have either the unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher OR they must have adequate standardized test scores


  •  9th/10th grade students must meet the additional requirements for CCP enrollment per the attached 9th/10th grade forms


  • Students will register on campus NOT at PCC or through the PCC website

            Follow the instructions below to access course options for Spring 2020 classes

1.      Go to:
2.      Under TERM, select SPRING 2020
3.      Select specific subjects in the COURSES drop down boxes
4.      Select MAIN CAMPUS in the LOCATION drop down boxes for on campus/hybrid                                 classes
5.      Select WEBSITE in the LOCATION drop down box for online classes
6.      Click the SEARCH box at the bottom of the page

If students want to see all available options, then just follow steps 1, 2, and 6 to get a complete list of all available courses for the spring in all formats (online, on campus, hybrid)


Please note - PCC Withdrawal & Drop deadlines are different than those of D.H. Conley. 

Q - Will it transfer to the University I want it to?


A - There are also a few College Course Transfer Checklists Under the Seniors section of this website that may be useful in determining transferability.  


A - Ultimately, each University is the best place to seek for the transferability of courses.  However,  The UNC System has rolled out a new TRANSFER TOOLBOX website to provide detailed information for students planning to transfer classes and/or degrees from the NC Community College System to the UNC System colleges/universities.  The “Tool Box” provides one location to access 4-year degree plans for all UNC System schools, a comprehensive list of the courses that will transfer per the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement, and a link to the Transfer Equivalency sites for each UNC System school.  If you plan to attend a private college or university you will need to speak directly to the admissions counselor at that particular school.

Important PCC Numbers:

  • Alton Wadford - Dual Enrollment Director

    • 252-493-7745

  • Natasha Worthington - Dual Enrollment Counselor 

    • 252-493-7846

TRANSFER Freshman-Sophomore


CTE Freshman-Sophomore


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